High Up. Graphic Design around town A collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institute and the California College of the Arts (CCA). In partnership with San Francisco Design Week and the Municipality of Milan.

April 8 – 30
Milan, Italy (various venues — SEE THE PICS)
May 16 – June 12
San Francisco, CA (various venues — SEE THE PICS)
June 2 – June 9
CCA Hooper Graduate Center, San Francisco

In partnership with the Municipality of Milan and San Francisco Design Week, a dematerialized initiative will spread around the two cities during their respective Design Weeks, April in Milan and June in San Francisco. Images jointly created by a group of Italian and Bay Area graphic designers will be printed as billboards and bill-posted in strategic urban locations.

Geoff Kaplan (CCA Senior Adjunct professor of Design) and Marina Pugliese selected the designers and matched them in pairs, each team setting their own specific rules and producing two images in a spirit of the broadest freedom. During SF Design Week (June 2-9), a smaller scale version of the billboards will be on view in the atrium gallery of the CCA Hooper Graduate Center.

Tuesday, June 1 – 5:30pm — SEE THE PICS
CCA Graduate Center Atrium Gallery, 184 Hooper Street
(next door the CCA SF Main Campus)
San Francisco

Join the designers of this initiative for an exclusive round-table discussion — SEE THE PICS
Scheduled to attend:

  • In person: Silvia Sfligiotti (Alizarina), Bob Aufuldish (Aufuldish&Warinner), Geoff Kaplan (General Working Group), Megan Lynch, Brett MacFadden (MacFadden &Thorpe), Jon Sueda (Stripe S.F.).
  • Via Skype from Milan: Italian Designers (Studio FM milano, Leftloft, Pitis, Zetalab)
  • Moderated by: David Moretti (Deputy Creative Director, WIRED)

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And don’t forget to follow the billboards around town. Find the billboards, photograph them (selfies get extra points) and the best images will win 2 Free Tickets to the San Francisco Design week Opening Reception a $45 value! Remember to tag them #HighUp #SFDW.

aufuldish-zetalab_tmbHere is a PREVIEW of what the participating designers have created:


Icon # Unit Location Description Media Market
 high-up-icon-1 1 1234-1  Mission 215 ft E/o 6Th S/S Posters San Francisco
 high-up-icon-2 2 12401  Valencia 100 ft N/O Duboce W/S Posters San Francisco
 high-up-icon-3 3 1254-2  8Th & Harrison SW/S Posters San Francisco
 high-up-icon-4 4 1397-1  Polk & Green SW/S Posters San Francisco
 high-up-icon-5 5 1546-1  Brannan 250 ft E/O 4Th N/S Posters San Francisco
 high-up-icon-5 6 1622-1  Folsom 75 ft E/O 8Th N/S Posters San Francisco
 high-up-icon-6 7 20051  Broadway 68 ft W/O Grant N/S Posters San Francisco
 high-up-icon-2 8 2256-1  Mission 250 ft S/O 17Th W/S% Posters San Francisco
 high-up-icon-2 9 2338-1  Mission 125 ft N/O 19Th E/S Posters San Francisco
 high-up-icon-4 10 24761  Columbus & Filbert SW/S% Posters San Francisco
 high-up-icon-7 11 2063-1  Chestnut 176 ft W/O Scott S/S Posters San Francisco