The Secret. Fiamma Montezemolo A collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institute and Kadist Art Foundation

September 21 – October 1, 2016
Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 21, 6-9pm
Kadist Art Foundation, 3295 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94110 

The Secret is the third and final (in 2016) installment of Mapping the City. Fiamma Montezemolo’s exhibition consists of two installations — ‘Three Ecologies’ and ‘Neon Afterwords’ (the latter one especially produced for this occasion thanks to the Italian Cultural Institute) — which straddle the interstices between art and anthropology, the self and the other. Guided by their senses, The Secret’s viewers will be invited to forge their own pathway through the installations to seek out meaning, replicating a journey from Jorge Luis Borges’ short story “The Ethnographer.”

Fiamma Montezemolo is both an artist and a cultural anthropologist. She is an established scholar in border studies and the author of two monographs:  La Mia Storia Non La Tua: La Dinamica Della Costruzione Dell’identita’ Chicana (Guerini, 2004) and Senza volto: L’etnicità e il genere nel Movimento Zapatista (Liguori, 1999). She is also a co-author of Here is Tijuana (London: Blackdog Publishing, 2006) and co-editor of Tijuana Dreaming: Life & Art at the Global border (Duke U.Press, 2012). 

As an artist she situates her work as a critical extension of the ethnographic turn in contemporary art, and works with various media, including  installation, cartography, video, digital photography, archives, and ethnography. Her artwork has been widely exhibited both nationally and internationally. She is represented by the Magazzino Dell’Arte Moderna gallery in Rome.

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9-21-neonFiamma Montezemolo, Neon Afterwords (installation view), 2016. LED lights and text. Photo by Jeff Warrin. Courtesy of the artist and KADIST, San Francisco.

9-21-bookFiamma Montezemolo, Neon Afterwords (installation view), 2016. Three Borges books and blue tape. Photo by Jeff Warrin. Courtesy of the artist and KADIST, San Francisco.


Wednesday, September 21 – Exhibition opening. KADIST, San Francisco. 


Fiamma Montzemolo, The Three Ecologies (installation view), 2015. Kilim rug, cacti, and mulch. Photo by Jeff Warrin. Courtesy of the artist and KADIST, San Francisco.